Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's been forever since I posted so what the heck, I'll try to catch up!
As you know, real estate has been kind of slow but Heavenly Father has blessed us and I'm so grateful! We are doing fine and we are so blessed to have our family around us. Rob and Steph moved in with us just before Christmas and we have enjoyed having them. We can't wait until little Conner Smith O'Brien arrives, in fact we are counting the days-at least as best we can since babies have their very own schedule. We just finished our family room downstairs and love having the extra room. Bob was really sick in March and spent 4 days in the hospital making the rest of us worry ouselves sick about him. He is better now and back to work-thank Heavens! We enjoy having the family over for Sunday dinners and we especially enjoyed conference this last weekend. Wasn't it amazing? Saturday morning those who could came over and we made strawberry crepes and sausage for breakfast, then watched conference. Then we played some games but I always lost. They should have more respect for their elders and let me win once in awhile, don't ya think???

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's been a long time since I posted anything. No exuses! I had to post today to thank all my family and friends for a great Birthday! My birthday wish was for the girls and Bob to help me with some projects around the house. Bob started on Monday and will finish tonight. He's so good and so very handy around the house. Bob is always so kind and extremely thoughtful of others. He sets a great example to me in so many ways. After almost 38 years, he still makes me laugh! I love him sooo much! He means the world to me.
My girls showed up on Monday to start our 'picture project'. We didn't quite finish, but we will! I love and appreciate all my family (including sons-in-law and daughter-in-law) and my adorable grandkids! How awful life would be without family? I'm grateful to my brother, Garth and Sandi and family. They, too, are so very important to me.
If I start naming friends, I'll leave someone out so I won't start. But, I must mention Bobbi. She is my dearest friend and business partner and I don't know what I'd do without her. We have a blast together, even when business is slow. It makes this crazy business tolerable.
The day of my birthday, I had to take a R.E. class so I put my phone on vibrate. One by one it kept vibrating as each of my children, Bob, Garth and several of my friends called to wish me a happy birthday! It was great! The lady sitting next to me was impressed!Thanks everyone for a wonderful day! P.S. the family also gave me a gift certificate for a massage and a pedicure! Yeah!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Much to contemplate....

As I stated in my last blog, it's been a crazy few weeks. After returning from witnessing my 2 beautiful nieces get married in the Boise Temple (we're SO happy for them both and the reception was wonderful) Brylee was admitted to the hospital. Bob and I sat with her one day so Ashlee could have a break. She was so sweet but sooo very sick, she just wanted to be held. As I rocked her and prayed, I felt reassured that she would be ok and I just had to wonder what the purpose of her getting sick, once again, was??? Is her (and our familys' ) test to be reminded frequently that life is fragile and since we must not be learning it as well as we should, we have to be reminded over and over? Will she continue to have life threatning illnesses that bring us all to our knees begging Him to let her stay yet wanting His will to be done? I don't have the answers but I do have faith in His plan. I guess that will have to do. (she is better and home now-yeah!)
Just last night I got the news that Lexi and Quinn had their baby boy. All is well and we can't wait to see that baby! Congratulations!
Today Abbie and I attended the funeral of Red Leifson. Abbie had been close to the family and even went to Lake Powell with them. It was an amazing tribute to him (he was only 47) and the whole stake center was filled (literally) with people whose lives he had touched. His 6 children each spoke and told funny and heartfelt stories of him and of his love for people. The line for the viewing as well as before the funeral was extremely long and spoke of his obvious impact he had on others. The family was overwhelmed at the out pouring of love and support from family, friends and co-workers. He was the bank manager at Wells Fargo and a volunteer for the fire department but most of all he was one of those people that had the knack for making each person feel special and loved by him. He was extremely funny and probably everyone there had a 'Red" story. What a legacy he has left. I'm sure his family is keenly aware of just how precious life really is-especially after today. There wasn't a dry eye as the fire department rang the last bell for Red Leifson. He will be missed.
So, there you have it! Wedding vows, earthly trials, new life and death all in the last 7 days. Much to contemplate.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Crazy 2 Weeks

Wow, it's been a little hectic for awhile for us. We went to Vegas to see Robby and Steph last weekend. We love their place and felt totally comfortable for our three nights there. Robby and Steph are fun to be around but even more fun to watch! They each have their strenghts and it seems as though they fill in each others 'gaps' if you know what I mean. It'a overwhelming what Stephanie has to study each day!(besides working full time!) They had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting while we were there and they both did an amazing job. Bob and I were sooooo proud of them both! We hate having them so far away but they are doing well and we can at least talk often.
The following Thursday Abbie , Malia and I went to Idaho for Cali and Hilary's weddings. All the fam wanted to go but couldn't work out the details. As it turned out, it's good they didn't because April's boys both got sick and so did Brylee. In fact, Ash just called and Brylee was just admitted to the hospital with para-influenza 3 which is how we just about lost her last time. That little girl has been through so much! It's good she is such a fighter! Please pray for her and put her name in the temple.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Than Just Luck

Business is a little slow so I decided to explain why my blogspot has it's name. I learned a long time ago that if you are striving to do the right things in your life, not perfect but improving, albeit, slowly, then for the most part the events that take place, the people you encounter, the blessings you receive all happen for a reason and not just luck. Of course I realize that the rain must fall on us all, so we'll all have our share of problems as well as the tests we need in order to prove ourselves worthy to return to our Father.
I am overwhelmed by the blessings my Heavenly Father has given me and I know that I can never do enough to repay Him. With Mother's Day still on my mind, I'm so grateful for a loving husband who is kind and appreciates me. He honors his priesthood and is a wonderful father and grandfather. I have 5 beautiful children who (until recently) all lived fairly close by and all enjoy each others company. I love spending time with all of them and I can't imagine it being any different yet I know that there are many families that don't speak to each other daily like we do and many that would hate living close to family. How sad!!! Bob and I love going to grandkids games etc. and being a part of their lives. It gets hard sometimes so we have to juggle but they know we do our best and cut us some slack.
I'm also reminded of my own mother. She sacrificed so much for us kids and I have no idea how lonely and difficult that had to be for her. She was an amazing woman and so fun and funny! I hope she has forgiven me for being such a brat. I miss her SOOOOOO much! Also, my daughters are incredible mothers! They make me so very proud. They each have their challenges but they handle them with love and grace and much prayer! What do mothers who don't pray do??? Do you see what I'm getting at? Our lives are in our Heavenly Father's hands to the extent that we seek His will to be done. It's not just luck!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I had the best intentions of doing this 'blog' thing on a regular basis but I decided that I'm intimidated. It's not that I feel like it has to be perfect or profound or anything but I do want it to be worth reading and most of my life is boring enough that it really isn't worth sharing. However, I do want to tell you about our last 'B.O.M.B.' club meeting. The 'BOMB' club is a club Bob and I started with our 5 oldest grandkids (Book Of Mormon ,Bible, get it ? You have to be able to read to be a member). We give the kids an assignment to read or study in the scriptures, then we meet and discuss it and then we do something fun. In March we had a discussion with pictures on the atonement. We were sooo pleased with how much our grandchildren knew and understood! Then Bob bore his testimony which was something the kids haven't heard (for awhile)and the spirit was so strong! Then we loaded up the 4-wheelers and went to Elberta 4-wheeling. We brought along more of the family for this fun trip and we all had a blast! (Abbie will add pictures later) Bob and think we have the cutest, smartest grandkids EVER!

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's all new to me

I've been viewing the blogs of my children and others occasionally and have thoroughly enjoyed, laughed and cried over them at various times. It's interesting to me that many people write on a blog things they would probably never say out loud or at least not in front of a crowd. I think that's a good thing and I decided I wanted a blog of my own.
The one thing I enjoy about getting older is that I don't worry as much about what others think as I did when I was young. They talked about this on Oprah awhile back. It seems that when you hit your 50's you have a different mindset, it's not as important to you if you have a fancy car or other things that you once thought were important. Though I've always felt the family came 1st, it's obvious to me that the gospel of Jesus Christ and my family ARE my life and I love them more than words can say. Do I still want nice cars and things? Duh! Who doesn't? But do I need or dream of a Lexus or BMW-no. I'm happy with my Mazda and Bob's old truck at least for now.