Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It's been forever since I posted so what the heck, I'll try to catch up!
As you know, real estate has been kind of slow but Heavenly Father has blessed us and I'm so grateful! We are doing fine and we are so blessed to have our family around us. Rob and Steph moved in with us just before Christmas and we have enjoyed having them. We can't wait until little Conner Smith O'Brien arrives, in fact we are counting the days-at least as best we can since babies have their very own schedule. We just finished our family room downstairs and love having the extra room. Bob was really sick in March and spent 4 days in the hospital making the rest of us worry ouselves sick about him. He is better now and back to work-thank Heavens! We enjoy having the family over for Sunday dinners and we especially enjoyed conference this last weekend. Wasn't it amazing? Saturday morning those who could came over and we made strawberry crepes and sausage for breakfast, then watched conference. Then we played some games but I always lost. They should have more respect for their elders and let me win once in awhile, don't ya think???


Lyric Payne said...

It's nice to hear my Aunt Debbie's voice again...okay not really your voice, but I can picture you saying those things. I can't wait to see Robby's baby. I think Jesse's daughter Ally is getting babtized in Orem in June, so hopefully we'll see you all. We miss you!

Ashlee said...

WOW- I finally found someone worse than me when it comes to blogging! Glad to see a new post! We love your basesment, coming over on Sundays will be so much more pleasant and I, too, can't wait to see baby Conner!

kinley said...

hey grandma its kinley i have a blog now